CCC x Valley Heart Ranch Private Tours

Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Valley Heart Ranch is owned and farmed by Kirsten & Darrell Becker and carries a long legacy of farming in Santa Barbara, California. 

Agriculture operations at the ranch began in the 1920’s with citrus and evolved into a commercial floriculture nursery until 2016 when the unparalleled terroir began its transformation into a certified organic coffee farm. With its unique coastal setting offering cool mornings and warm afternoons, VHR is one the few organic coffee producers in California and the only coffee grower in Montecito.

VHR produces four different varieties of organic coffee: Catauai Rojo, Pacas, Geisha, and Caturra. All of these varietals have their own unique physical qualities as well as taste subtleties.

In the fall of 2020, Coastal Coffee Collective set up their roasting facilities and lab inside of a greenhouse located on VHR. The collaboration of VHR and CCC was developed to create fulfilling coffee experiences, connecting the world's coffee farmers directly with the world's coffee lovers.

Join us for a 2-hour guided tour of the beautiful Valley Heart Ranch. Here you will explore five acres of lush coffee trees, meet and interact with farm animals, and participate in a coffee cupping & roasting experience hosted by Coastal Coffee Collective. Our coffee cuppings will guide you through tasting a curated selection of CCC’s small batch, single origin specialty coffees.  We’ll explore the path coffee takes from seed to cup, discussing regions and our favorite farms. You'll learn how to taste coffee with respect to sweetness, acidity, mouthfeel, and aftertaste.

What's included:

    • Two hour guided tour of the beautiful Valley Heart Ranch
    • View and explore several varietals of 3,900 lush coffee scattered over five acres of loam soil terraces. 
    • Participate in a coffee cupping and sample our seasonal menu of coffees
    • Experience a roasting demonstration
    • Farm animal meet-and-greet

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