Coastal Coffee Collective

Colombia, Manos De Mujer Tolima

TASTE NOTES Honeysuckle, vanilla wafer, earl grey
1500 - 1900 masl
Prado, Tolima
PRODUCER Asoagrotol Galilea Cooperative
Castillo, Caturra



This Fully washed lot is produced by female cooperative members in Prado, Tolima. The Manos de Mujer project focuses on female growers in the Asoagrotol Galilea cooperative and helps differentiate their coffees.

Asoagrotol Galilea was founded in 2016 by a group of neighbors who had been driven from their lands due to ongoing violent conflict. They came from Villarrica, Cunday, Purificacion, Prado and Dolores, all in Tolima and today, they farm coffee on new land in Prado, Tolima. They achieved their Organic certification in 2019. They are also Fairtrade and RFA/UTZ certified.

The Manos de Mujer project focuses on female growers in the cooperative and differentiates their coffees. The project highlights women producers and helps them access more visibility in the supply chain.

Members have access to agronomists who consult for individual farms and the cooperative on the whole. Agronomists can help advise on Good Agricultural Practices, soil nutrition and more.

In addition to coffee, members cultivate a wide range of crops including livestock, sugarcane, cocoa, bananas, potatoes, onions and other subsistence crops for family consumption. 

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