Slayer Espresso

Slayer Steam LP Two Group


Volumetric output for consistency, classic 9-bar pump extraction when you want it, intuitive ergonomics and a massive drain tray for smooth-efficient bar flow. The Steam line’s low-profile removes the barrier between barista and guest, enabling conversation and improving the cafe experience.
The Steam series aims to meet the needs of every shop and price point.
 Programmable Pre-Wet 0-4 seconds
 Electronic solenoid steam wands
 Hot water dose (2 presets) for consistent output
 2 buttons activation with 4 settings per group
 PID controlled independent brew tanks
 Password protected menus
 Shot timers
 Individual brew temperatures
 Lifetime shot counters
 Quick and full clean settings
 Wing channels to hide hoses and wires
 Anodized aluminum finish body
 Powder coated matte black cup rail & wings
 Centralized heads-up Barista Dashboard™
 Available in 2 and 3 Group configurations
 Available in two colors, Matte Black & Anodized Aluminum

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